Frequent Q&A

Resident Services / Frequent Q&A


1. Who is the Management company?
Miami Management Inc.


2. Who is the Property Manager?
Arleth Broderick - abroderick@miamimanagement.com


3. Who is the Administrative Assistant?
Yajhaira Raven - yraven@miamimanagement.com


4. What is the Name of my Association?
Isles at Weston Homeowners' Association, Inc.


5. Is there Gate Access restrictions for Residents and Visitors?
Residents need to have a barcode to access the community via the Resident’s lane. Barcodes can be bought in the Management Office for a price of $10.00 payable by check, money order, or credit card to a maximum of 6 (six) per home.
Visitors must register at the gate via the Visitor’s lane. Residents are required to use the access app (ABDI app) to register permanent visitors and/or to provide QR codes to visitors, to expedite access.


6. Who Created the Rules for the Community?
The original rules and regulations for the community were created by the developer and the Board of Directors has the authority to change and update certain rules.


7. What is the Speed Limit within the Community?
The speed limit is 30 mph on the entrance road and 15 mph on all residential streets.


8. Are Traffic Rules Enforced in the Community?
Broward Sheriff's Office patrols the community regularly. There is a "Zero Tolerance" stand on speeding and traffic violations.


9. Are there Commercial Vehicle Restrictions?

Yes, delivery vehicles, large trucks, moving trucks, and other commercial vehicles will only be allowed to enter the community between 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Saturday.  On Saturdays, moving trucks for new residents must come in between the hours of 9am to 1pm to register and be allowed to re-enter the community within the same day.  No large trucks, moving trucks, and other commercial vehicles will be permitted on Sundays and Holidays.


10. Are Food Deliveries Services (Pizza, Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grocery and Restaurants etc.) Access Rules?
Yes, the driver must provide his/her driver's license to be scanned and copy the order with a valid address within Isles at Weston.


11. Are there Car and Parking Restrictions?
Yes, Resident’s vehicles can only be parked in their garages or driveways and their visitors may park on the apron of the driveway. Parking is not permitted in the street, front lawn, swale, or blocking the sidewalks during daytime. No overnight on-street parking is allowed between the hours of 1 A.M. - 6 A.M.
Commercial vehicles of vendors providing services or deliveries to the unit may park in the street in front of the unit during the daytime but are not allowed to be parked overnight on the street or at residential properties (unless parked in a fully enclosed garage)
Vehicles may not be parked in the center of a cul-de-sac nor overhanging into the cul-de-sac. This will ensure that all City and emergency vehicles can access the community streets without any obstructions.
Vehicles must be parked parallel to the sidewalk when parking on the street during allowed on-street parking hours. If your property lot is located on a cul-de-sac, please make the necessary arrangements to have all your vendors, guests, and registered vehicles park accordingly.
Should a vehicle be in violation, it will be tagged and towed at the vehicle’s owner's expense.
Vehicles parked at the clubhouse must be authorized by the management.


12. Can I Park on the Street in Front of my Home?
No, on-street parking is not permitted. Residents parking against the rules will be ticketed and after the 3rd warning will be booted or towed at the owner’s expense.


13. Will Illegally Parked Vehicles are Towed?
Yes, parking against the rules will be ticketed, and after the 3rd warning will be booted or towed at the owner’s expense.


14. What are the Name and Phone Number of the Towing Company?
All County Towing, 520 NW 7th St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, Phone number (954) 564-0486 to provide the towing services.


15. Where can I Store my Boat and Trailer?
Boats and/or trailers must be stored in your garage or outside the Community.


16. Is Swimming or Boating in the Lakes Allowed?
No swimming or boating is allowed in the community lakes. Wildlife may be present be careful when outside.


17. Can Anybody Use the Shoreline of my Waterfront Property?
No, waterfront property is owned by the individual homeowner; walking upon or loitering on anyone's shoreline property is not permitted.


18. Are there Restrictions on "For Sale" or "For Rent" Signs?
Yes, no such signs are permitted in the community.


19. Are there any Pet Restrictions?
Yes, only domestic pets are permitted, and they must be kept on a leash at all times when they are outside the home and no Pitbull Terriers are permitted in the community. Pets must be vaccinated and registered at the Management office.


20. Who can "Walk" my Dog?
Children cannot walk dogs, only a person that can control the animal must always walk a dog on a leash. Residents cannot tie leashes to bicycles or Baby strollers to avoid dragging pedestrians. When walking a dog. You must carry plastic bags and clean up after your pet.


21. Is there Restrictions for Pool Use?
The pool rules are posted at the pool, use is at “your own risk” and there are no lifeguards on duty at any time.
Children under the age of 16 are to be supervised by an adult when using the pool, recreation areas, or the clubhouse.
The pool and recreation areas are open from dawn to dusk.
Contact the Administrative Assistant for more information about the rules.


22. Can Children Use Skateboards, Bicycles, Scooters, or Rollerblades in the Clubhouse Area?
No, unregistered motorized vehicles such as mopeds and go-carts are also not permitted in the clubhouse area.


23. Are Golf Carts Allowed?
Golf carts defined in section FS 320.01(22) can only be operated in golf courses thus not in Isles at Weston. Converted Golf Carts must be registered in flhsmv.gov, be street legal, insured, and registered in the Association. A golf cart can be stored inside the enclosed garage. FS 230.01(22) states that A person must be 14 years old to operate a golf cart on a Golf course which Isles at Weston is not. A person must be older than 16 to drive a Converted Golf cart or an ATV, use a helmet, and have eye protection under adult supervision.


24. Are there trash restrictions?
Garbage containers must be stored in the garage, taken out only on Mondays and Thursdays for regular trash and on Thursdays for Recycling. Bulk Pick-Up Weston residents receive four free bulk trash collections annually (January, April, July, and October).


25. Must Architectural Modifications be approved?
Yes, architectural applications must be submitted online for all exterior modifications and for those interior modifications done by third-party vendors that will transit with materials in the common roads.
Do not contract for work before you obtain approval.


26. Where can I get an ARC Application and Who can Apply for an ARC?

Only the Owner can apply for an ARC on the website https://websites.mmilive.net/islesatweston/ under resident services, architectural request then ARC online application as they must login to website to apply for approval. Vendors cannot apply or use the website.  There are no paper applications.


27. How Long will it take to get an ARC application responded?
It varies depending on the applicant. If the application is complete it may be responded to quickly but the maximum timeframe is 45 days after the application is complete. If requirements and documents are requested, the application will be deemed incomplete. Upon the presentation of the requested information, the timeframe will re-start again.


28. Is there a fee required for an ARC?


29. Do I Need the Approval to Repair an Existing Fence or to Replace Broken or Missing Roof Tiles?

Yes, you do need approval for repairs.  Owner can apply for an ARC on the website https://websites.mmilive.net/islesatweston/ under resident services, architectural request then ARC online application as they must login to website to apply for approval.


30. Do I Need a Permit or Approval to Paint the Exterior of my House?
Yes, painting is considered a change to the exterior of your house. The selection of colors (hues and shades) is limited to a pallet of pre-approved color schemes that can be viewed in the Management Office. Do not contract for work before you obtain approval.


31. Must I get Approval for Hurricane Shutters?
Yes, note that only white, beige, or ivory-colored accordion shutters are permitted in the community.


32. Can I Leave my Storm Shutters on (or Closed) When I go on Vacation?
No, storm shutters cannot remain on the house (or closed) while you are on vacation or away for long periods. The storm shutters must also be removed within 72 hours after a storm pass.


33. Are there Restrictions on Fences?
Yes, as per the Association Document Article 2 (gg) of the Initial Use Restrictions subject to approval by the ARC under Article 8, only wood shadowbox fences, and aluminum picket rail fences are permitted.


34. Are Driveway Extensions Permitted?
Yes, as long as will obtain an ARC and City of Weston approval. The City of Weston must be consulted first because there are parameters in size depending on the type of house.


35. Who is Responsible to Maintain the Sidewalks, the Swale, and the Swale Trees?
The homeowner is responsible according to the Association document.


36. May I Remove a Tree that Damaged the Sidewalk?
Yes, any tree that damages the sidewalk is considered a nuisance and may be removed with a certification from an arborist and submitting an ARC. For further information refer to the Admin Assistance for guidance.


37. Is there a Selling / Leasing Requirement?
Yes, if you sell or rent your home, potential buyers/tenants must apply for the screening. Once approved and make an appointment for orientation. The Association only accepts year leases.


38. Are Background Checks Required?
Yes, Criminal and eviction Background. There are no credit scoring restrictions.


39. How is the Process to Apply for Screening?
Applicants must apply online here http://www.miamimanagement.com/SCREENINGS/


40. Which Schools do my Children Attend and How do they get there?
Manatee Bay Elementary School is conveniently located just a few hundred yards from the main entrance elementary school students walk, ride their bikes or are dropped off at school.
Falcon Cove Middle School is located just to the east of our community, middle school students ride their bikes, take the school bus (which picks them up at the clubhouse each morning), or are dropped off at school.
Nationally re-known Cypress Bay High School is also located just to the east of the community.


41. Who Provides Waste Management and What is their Phone Number?
Republic Services - (954) 583-1830.


42. What day is trash picked up?
Monday and Thursday.
Trash and recyclables may be placed curbside (not in the street) the evening before the scheduled pickup.
Remember to please place the trash and recycling receptacles away from your mailbox so the postman can deliver your mail.


43. Do I Need a Specific Kind of Trash Pail?
Yes, the City of Weston provides specific containers to be used for trash collection.


44. What Day are Recyclables Picked Up?


45. What About Large Trash Items?
If you have any large items, such as water heaters, BBQ grills, furniture, tree trimmings, etc. needing a trash pick-up, you can call the City of Weston (954) 583-1830 and make arrangements for a "bulk pickup". Bulk trash will not be removed during regular trash pick-up; please do not leave these items out in front of your home for more than 24 hours, as they can be a safety hazard for children. For more information on large pickups and the free pick up days, please contact the City of Weston. Link to website →https://www.westonfl.org/government/public-works-and-utilities/garbage-service/residential-bulk-trash-collection 


46. Who is the Cable Provider?
Hotwire-Fision - Phone: 800.355.5668 - www.gethotwired.com
Before any project that would require digging and upon approval of the ARC by the Association, please call Hotwire Fision to make sure that the digging will not cut the optic fiber wires.


47. How can I Access the Clubhouse?
A separate key fob is necessary for access to the clubhouse amenities and pool area. The price for the key fob is $25.00 payable, in check, money order or credit card.


48. Are there Rules for the Use of the Facilities?
Yes, there are rules for the Use of the pool and the use of the Fitness Center.


49. Are there Restrictions for Guests Using the Facilities?
Yes, Guests may use the pool accompanied by a Resident, and guests are not allowed in the Fitness Center which is for the exclusive use of the Residents.


50. What is the Association Fee?
$264.00 per Month.


51. Can I Pay with Cash?
Unfortunately for security reasons it is not allowed.  


52. Can I Pay the Association Online?
Yes, go to https://www.miamimanagement.com/payonline/
Or to Isles at Weston Webpage: https://websites.mmilive.net/IslesAtWeston/


53. What is the Best Way to Pay my Association Dues?
Enrolling in ACH will have Miami Management Inc to take care of your payments. Please email to yraven@miamimanagement.com to get the form.


54. What is the Best Way to Contact the Board?

By email to the Manager the questions, comments, or concerns. Residents cannot contact the Board directly for association matters.


55. Who do I Have to Contact About the Management and Guardhouse Staff?
The Manager is responsible for all the staff and will coordinate the downstream communication and take the necessary measures and actions.


56. What Should I do if there is a Solicitor on Foot Knocking at my Door?
Call the Police because no soliciting is allowed in the Community and this person is trespassing.


57. Can the Guard at the Guardhouse Follow a Solicitor or Come to my House to Assist Me?
Guards cannot abandon the Guardhouse. You can call the Police when needed.


58. What can the Guards at the Guardhouse do?
Guards do access control of permanent visitors or visitors with Qr Codes authorized by the Resident via ABDI app and registration of the visitors that a Resident will authorize via call back.